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What to Have With Your Piesicle?

Why piesicle??? Because it is a stinkin’ cute name!! Haha! And we are going to start using the wooden “popsicle” sticks for the pies. So cute!

Yeap.. I am so pumped about this cute little piesicle! Say goodbye to serving slices of pies to your guests, simply serve them this yummy little handheld pie. They also make pretty awesome party favors.

Now, I got this question pretty often! “What should I serve with your fill-in-the-blank desserts?”
Well…well..well… the tip-of-my-tongue answer would be that they are good by themselves LOL..

But anyway, here’s some suggestions on what to have with the wonderful scrumptious piesicle;
1. Your favorite indulgence drink (for me, it’s a nice warm chai tea latte….with soy of course!)
2. ICE CREAM!!!! (this is pretty self-explanatory)
3. Since our little piesicle isn’t super sweet, you can serve a sweeter dessert alongside it maybe a oooy goooey brownie with nuts.

OH! Don’t forget to serve piesicle creatively! Impress your guests or friends or family with your out-of-the-box ideas!