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Super Bowl Cake Balls

As many of you are getting excited about the Super Bowl we are getting just as excited about our newest creation: football shaped cake balls. Pretty cool, huh? We are still trying to come up with a better name so if you think of one let us know!

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You’re the one with the brains here. I’m wantcihg for your posts.

By Kairii on 2014 10 11

Great tribute, Allissa.Good God, Dianne and I laehugd a lot.  I loved when she was in the office next to me.  Oh, we argued too.  It felt good because we had such respect for each other.  I enjoyed teaching the Ethics classes with her.  Oh .I enjoyed so much.  We had such hopes and dreams and plans .I will carry on especially knowing you are with me, Dianne.Thank you Allissa for such a great post.Greg

By Tony on 2014 10 13

I think Laura’s right, too. But that’s not what I was talking about in my post. I made it very clear that, even when I’m out, my beaivhor is perfectly acceptable. I made extra careful not to NOT condone absurd, exaggerated, free-for-all partying.My clients don’t wear rose colored glasses, they don’t think me a superhero. I am a provider of massage, and massage feels good. I’ve never put myself out there to be a guru or healer. I don’t make claims about the benefits of massage that can’t be backed up with science. In fact, I make very few claims about massage at all.  My clients like the massage I provide and they like me. Maybe that’s why I’ve never had this issue. Or maybe I’m just lucky.Yes, sometimes clients are generous with their referrals and introductions,  Oh this is my massage therapist, Allissa! My wide is soooo much happier since I got her a package of massages for Christmas! We LOVE Allissa!  But there’s no projection or transference there, it’s the same way I gush about the new red velvet cupcakes at the bakery down the street.I’m a big fan of ethics classes that explore transference, conter transference, etc. It’s important stuff. I also think it’s a therapist’s issue, and like you have advocated before, better peer mentoring could be great to conquer this problem for the therapists who struggle with it.Sidenote- convention beaivhor of some mt’s totally freaks ME out.

By Adrian on 2014 10 13

it, maybe it was in Blood Bones and Butter, but someone was tanlkig about how when people talk about eating locally, they are thinking of California. Some parts of the country, eating locally would mean meals devoid of many kinds of produce that we are used to just having all the time. I just shop at my local co-op these days, and while they emphasize local produce, they actually sent out an email last winter to address all the comments they get about Why isn’t there a better variety of produce? Of course it’s because they are trying to keep it local. and people truly didn’t realize the limited things that are being grown at certain times of year. The amazing thing is that this is in the fertile Skagit Valley in washington state so it’s not like we’re not in a major agricultural climate! Anyway, I can forego those tomatoes in the winter, but I’m not giving up avocado! We don’t grow any up here, so I’ll just have to sacrifice somewhere else. grin

By Elise on 2015 02 19

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By jassica on 2015 05 07