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Dianne was such a special perosn.  What a legacy she leaves behind.  We are all very sad and feel the huge loss her death brings.    I too was lucky enough to do my last massage at BSMT on Dianne.  She made me feel so confident and ready to take on the world!Her passion for life, massage, anatomy and ethics rubbed off onto us and we all now carry a little of Dianne within.Thanks for your thoughts and my sympathy to all who knew Dianne.

By Aleksandra on 2014 10 12

ShanequinoxOctober 15, 2011   There is a special meiaodticn, Paxil.  But it is by prescription only.  You might just need to talk to someone.  Sometimes there are clinics that offer free therapy.  Check your phone book under social workers.  Good luck.

By Flenz on 2014 10 13

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By jassica on 2015 05 07

hi durga,
how are you.

By sai on 2016 06 03