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Honestly wish eating these would be considered playing soccer..

Come find us at the Sounders Game!

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,  Well, how did I do?  I replied that I was ovemcore with the feeling that after sitting through and teaching about 3k ethics classes myself, I not only learned a different way of thinking .but I really, really, enjoyed the class.  Then it came the moment.  Dianne knew that Chris Alvarado and I were working together and asked that if we were ever looking to hire someone to teach some of our classes, she would appreciate our consideration.  OUR consideration??  That was certainly a professional turning point for Chris and I.  I still remember the look on his face when I told him.  Really?  Really?  he said.  We touch people.I love how you mentioned in your post about how we argue over standards, our leaders working hard for us, etc., but can especially appreciate   .And even more than that, I love that we care enough to forgive, rebuild bridges and start again.  I believe we do this because we are family.  Not by blood, but by passion.  I’ve been a massage therapist for 15+ years, and through that time, I’ve experienced incredible joy, and tremendous pain.  My massage family and in particular, my AMTA family has been there through it all, clapping, smiling, laughing, crying, supporting.  With our hands, and with our hearts WE TOUCH PEOPLE.

By Lopi on 2014 10 12

I’m trying to type this at work while squntniig at my phone through watery eyes.Dianne sounds like she embodies the realness that many of us appreciated in our favorite massage teachers, wherever they may have taught.Hugs to you, and here’s to realness. (And to Dianne, thanks for encouraging and sharing your colleague with all of us. Well done!)

By Apareccida on 2014 10 13

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