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For those of you that are looking for the perfect “thank you” gift for your clients or need to organize a holiday party….Now is the time to act! We are offering huge discounts on our cake ball bouquets and holiday dessert tables at Gilt City. “Wow” your clients, co-workers, and even your boss!


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By Lavanya on 2013 05 10

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By Naoko on 2014 10 12

What a beautiful trbtiue, Allissa. Dianne will be missed by so many. I’m so thankful I was able to take classes with her, both in my time at Bancroft and also continuing educations classes later. She was always so passionate and knowledgeable- I’ll never forget the stories she shared in ethics classes, or what she was able to teach about massage for the spine and cervical and back pain. RIP Dianne, gone much too soon.

By Yamamoto on 2014 10 13

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