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Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Wow! What a suprise! This year I was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by StudentPainters.net. What an honor this is. I guess all that bribery with my desserts has finally paid off.

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I think you hit a bullseye there flelas!

By Finch on 2011 12 25

Thanks for this loving trubtie Allissa.  Dianne is a pillar in our community.  She taught us about honesty, authenticity and HARD work.  The first time I met her-I drove myself to RI and attended one of her cadaver workshops-I was the only one from my MTI class to venture down.  It changed everything-she changed everything. Later, I was fortunate enough to work for her at Cortiva.  She ran a tight ship, and I was proud to be on board. She will be missed, but surely never, ever forgotten.Thanks again, A, for sharing your feelings and also that great pic.

By Lucas on 2014 10 12

I just stumbled upon this becuase one of my co-workers re-posted on FB through Massagenerd ..I knew Diane from BSMT, also, and am so sad to hear of her passing.  Your tribute to her is beautiful and I’m so glad you were able to keep her laughing.  I’m sure it contributed to her final few months being so much better xo

By Deepak on 2014 10 13

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