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Showing Some Love for the Moms!

As the saying goes, A Mothers’ job is never done! So I always thought the idea of giving them just one special day every year is kind of selling mothers short. But since that’s the way it is, let‘s make it a SUPER special day!

So how do you make it SUPER special you ask… here are some ideas and tips that might help those of you who are …shall I say….creatively deficient.

First some tips:
#1: Make sure you put a personal touch on your gift! It can be as simple as a hand written note.
#2: Get the color/flowers/whatever right! Show your mom that you still remember what her favorites are.
#3: Give the gift on Mothers Day! ☺ I’m talking to all those sons out there.

Now some ideas:
#1 Idea: Bake her some goodies of course! What else did you think I would say? “pssttt she’ll love it even more if you use her own recipes”
#2 Idea: Soap. That’s right I said soap.  Google how to make home-made soap. You’ll thank me later. Did you know you can infuse the soap with her favorite scent? Winning!
#3 Idea: Don’t just give regular store bought flowers! Fancy it up with your painted flower vase! There’s a few places where you can paint your ceramic masterpiece. 
#4 Idea: Give her an experience. Surprise her with a visit, make her breakfast or schedule a one-on-one date.

All that is fine, but if you really love our mom, you’ll get her some goodies from me! Yah for shameless plugs! Bust seriously, get your order in cause I only have two hands.

Visit our website to get your order in!

Baby: Boy or Girl?

This is for all my “expecting” friends. I just got the opportunity to do a baby reveal cake for a close friend of mine….what an awesome idea right?

So how does it work you ask….

Well instead of finding out the babies’ gender at the doctors office, have them put the answer in an envelope and then give to me (hehe). I’ll then create the inside of the cake in the color of the babies’ gender. You can cut into the cake together in private or organize a whole party around the concept!

Yes! As you all probably have guessed, the pink color raspberry butter cream vanilla bean cake indicates that it’s a baby GIRL!

It is super fun and actually makes for a great party!

Green Clothes, Green Beer, and now…Green Desserts!

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching and we have the perfect alternative to the traditional beer companions: desserts of course! Send a cake pop bouquet to your Irish friend or have us deliver a dessert platter full of themed cookies. How about some Guinness infused cake balls?! Email or call now to get secure your order in time!

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