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Gonna give a shout out to The Confectional!

Try these awesome cheesecake bites! They have the different flavors of cheesecakes in mini cupcakes size (just perfect for a bite, but you would want a second one or more!).

WOot!! they also have cheesecake truffles!!! It’s like undeniably heavenly

Holy mother of Pete these are good!
What’s my favorite flavor? Gosh! That’s a tough question right there! Honestly, they would all tingles your sweet tooth!

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Showing Some Love for the Moms!

As the saying goes, A Mothers’ job is never done! So I always thought the idea of giving them just one special day every year is kind of selling mothers short. But since that’s the way it is, let‘s make it a SUPER special day!

So how do you make it SUPER special you ask… here are some ideas and tips that might help those of you who are …shall I say….creatively deficient.

First some tips:
#1: Make sure you put a personal touch on your gift! It can be as simple as a hand written note.
#2: Get the color/flowers/whatever right! Show your mom that you still remember what her favorites are.
#3: Give the gift on Mothers Day! ☺ I’m talking to all those sons out there.

Now some ideas:
#1 Idea: Bake her some goodies of course! What else did you think I would say? “pssttt she’ll love it even more if you use her own recipes”
#2 Idea: Soap. That’s right I said soap.  Google how to make home-made soap. You’ll thank me later. Did you know you can infuse the soap with her favorite scent? Winning!
#3 Idea: Don’t just give regular store bought flowers! Fancy it up with your painted flower vase! There’s a few places where you can paint your ceramic masterpiece. 
#4 Idea: Give her an experience. Surprise her with a visit, make her breakfast or schedule a one-on-one date.

All that is fine, but if you really love our mom, you’ll get her some goodies from me! Yah for shameless plugs! Bust seriously, get your order in cause I only have two hands.

Visit our website to get your order in!

dD Went Earthy

I was so privileged to cater for Hines Property Management Company who’s always finding new ways to interact with their tenants.  A perfect example was their Earth Day event. They brought in various informational groups to educate the tenants on how to be sustainable and live a more “green” lifestyle. We had made cupcakes just to add a little more sweetness to the event.

I love how technology helped unleash innovations especially those that can sweeten up my sweet goodies!
Who would have thought of printing pictures on dessert decoration? And making them edible? Such an awesome idea smile

Round-up your [Cake] Balls… “ps. I know how it sounds.”

The most common question I hear from people who have attempted to make their own cake balls is “how do we make our cake balls so round?”

Here’s some tips and tricks for you;

1. Make sure you incorporate all of your cake and frosting together. I use the “smoooshing” technique. If your cake and frosting isn’t combined well, you won’t get a round smooth ball when it comes to rolling time.
2. Smoosh the cake ball in your hands first - flat like a pancake.
3. Then roll the cake “dough” into a ball.
4. When rolling cake ball with your hands I’d go with the “small” circular motion rather than the “big” circular motion. If you go “big” then you’ll end up with little spinner tops (like the kiddie toy).

ooohhh…and practice practice practice. It took me a while to make an actual cake BALL. Haha! I wish I had taken a picture of my first cake ball to show all of you…because it didn’t look like a “ball”. =)

To learn more cake ball making techniques, sign up for one of our weekly cake ball making classes!

Email us for class times and to get more information.

Enjoy and happy baking smile

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Gilt City Deal on Our Cake Pop Class is ON!

The past cake pop making classes were super awesome! Our kitchen was always filled with fun laughters!

To ramp it up, this time, I am adding some sweet prizes! Along with the class, you have a choice to bring home either a cake pop kit or our premium t-shirt! What a deal right?

Check it out at Gilt City!

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